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Our Mission

Bergamo Scuba Angels is leader in the Rescue during Powerboat Races Our mission is to perform the rescue in powerboat races and to identify all the possible solutions in order to improve the safety level in the Powerboat sport. Our scope is to contribute to the research and development of new protocols; the finding of new solutions, aids and equipment, in order to protect the live of all people who might be victims of traumatic accidents in the water.

Welcome To Bergamo Scuba Angels


Bergamo Scuba Angels are born from the experience of an high level team than can count on more than eighteen years of experience in water rescue activities: this is a sports society with the mission to perform water rescue activities, in all their different and extreme aspects.

Bergamo Scuba Angels is CMAS school


Born in 2005, it offers all the traditional diving courses and integrates the team with the aim of ensuring their updating and professional growth. The Staff is made up of 1, 2 or 3 stars CMAS Instructors each with years of experience in teaching and hundreds of dives in all conditions.