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In this page some of the best videos available on the web related to Bergamo Scuba Angels

Bergamo Scuba Angels on Sky sport

Video prepared by Sky that has dedicated a special TV report of “The boat show” to the Bergamo Scuba Angels, titled “The Helicopter rescue swimmers working” (in Italian, click on the link above)

Powerboat 2011 – Bergamo Scuba Angels

Fabrizio Boffi, President of Bergamo Scuba Angels, interviewed by the journalist Francesco Piras speak about the race season 2012 (in italian)

Turtle test

Turtle test by Bergamo Scuba Angels

Elidiver 2012

Video of the Elidiver ANIS training with more than 30 partecipants

Gommone soccorso Bergamo Scuba Angels

A short video from the helicopter of the new rubber boat produced by Capelli, used by Bergamo Scuba Angels for the rescue operation on the sea

Rescue operation on Yamamay boat – European Offshore championship class 3L – Baccoli (ITA) 2011

The video shows a rescue operation on the 1 turn of the offshore race. In 35 seconds 3 rescue divers are already in action from the helicopter and from the rescue boat

2° intervento durante l’europeo di offshore di Bacoli – 2011

Dopo pochi minuti dal primo incidente un’imbarcazione francese si ribalta…

3° intervento di soccorso a Bacoli

3° intervento di soccorso effettuato a Bacoli durante l’europeo di offshore classe 3

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