Bergamo Scuba Angels
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Welcome into the elite


The Helidiver course is organized in a weekend, as in the following briefly described:


Saturday – half day

Practice in the swimming pool; plunges from diving board and equipment practice on-board

Theory in classroom; safety, helicopter basic knowledge, behavior during the approach, on board, before the drop off


Sunday – Morning & early afternoon

Check of all the procedures with the helicopter on the land, approaching, boarding, preparation, drop off, return to the helipad, rescue

Practical session with the helicopter flying


Course requirements

 3 stars CMAS patent at least, or recognized equivalent qualification

Good psychophysical conditions

Personal diving equipment (freediving; no air bottle and weights)


For info and registration:

Fabrizio Boffi

email :

mobile: + 39 389.999.9100

Bergamo Scuba Angels is a small CMAS diving school, in which the safety is the first and central value.  All the expertise and all the experiences matured during many years in the Rescue, are applied in each aspect related to the teaching and to the student management. Bergamo Scuba Angels is qualified to release all the patents presents in the CMAS career path as well as release the equivalent PADI certifications.

Moreover, Bergamo Scuba Angels is in partnership with CEDIFOP for the professional certifications, in order to train the student to get the first patents required for the professional qualifications.


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